Hi, I’m Surya. I hope to use I Need a Bigger Plate to inspire, refresh, and energize every tired, stressed out, overworked parent who needs a little boost by providing tips & tricks, advice, that those wiser than myself have bestowed upon me (not pretending to have all the answers here, people).  My adult life started out in the major mathematics vein with an engineering job followed by a stint as a high school math teacher.  But, all along the way I knew I also loved to write.  Now, as a stay-at-home (work-at-home?) mom to three wonderful girls, I aim to blend my love of writing with a desire to help-a-sister-out.  And THAT is how I Need a Bigger Plate was born.  So, I hope you find this a useful place to get inspiration for everything life – parenting, motherhood, marriage, cooking, cleaning, whatever someone might find useful to know.  I’m so glad you stopped by and I look forward to becoming friends!


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