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Alphabet Hide & Seek

Do you have a child that is SO active they don’t want to sit still for anything?  That’s my middle pumpkin.  My oldest has had a very long attention span for sitting (reading, watching, learning, etc.) from a very young age, but my MP, not so much.  So, when we started talking about letters it was very hard to get her interested in learning the names.  What I had done with my oldest just was not.going.to.happen.  This started my quest for fun activities that I could use to teach the alphabet.  How could I get her talking about and using the letters without realizing that she was learning?  Alphabet Hide & Seek is one of the activities I found.

The premise is very simple: someone hides the letter cards, someone else finds them and matches them up to the letter banners.  I used flashcards, so they were pretty sturdy and didn’t need to be laminated.  For the letter banners I used classroom bulletin board banners.  I had originally seen the idea with an elaborate sews alphabet blanket with pockets – that wasn’t going to happen!  So, I just use the bulletin board accessories and have the kiddos place the flashcards on the corresponding letter on the banner.  So, they find the “C” card and place it on the “Cc” on the banner.  Now, I admit the direction of “hide” is to be considered very loosely.  I usually group four or five cards together, so they only have a few batches of letters to find and I hide them in very conspicuous places: sticking up out of the couch cushions, leaning against the front of the TV, etc.  My five year old loves to play, too, so I let them take turns finding batches of letters and matching them to the banner.

I have found this to be a very exciting (and cheap!) way to spend time talking about letter names.  My kids are always excited to play it and yours will be, too!

If you are looking for more fun ideas for learning letters, be sure to check out my post on Alphabet Bingo!  My kids ask me to play almost every single day (for better or worse!).  They love it!

If you have tried ABC Hide and Seek, leave a comment below to tell me how it went.  Or, if you have other games you like to play to learn the ABCs, leave those as well!


Have a great day!