About Me

Hi, I’m Surya.  I help Moms (and Dads!) by providing tips & tricks for every day family life.  So, if you are a mom or dad and you struggle with time management, organization, meal planning, or anything else life throws at us every day, this is the place to be!

How I Got Here

Isn’t it funny how life is never how you imagined it was going to be?  I graduated college with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in that field for 3 years.  After I got married I knew it wasn’t the field I wanted to be in when my husband and I started a family, so I transitioned to teaching high school math.

The birth of our second daughter made me realize that I wanted to stay home, so I (again!) transitioned to being a stay at home (work at home?) mom. 

We now have 3 lovely girls who keep me crazy busy!  The teacher in me needs an outlet, so I started this blog to share all the tips & tricks I pick up with other moms who need them!  

I Love Hearing From You

Do you have something you struggle with or need some tips on?  Shoot me an email or check out my most recent posts.  Thanks for stopping by!