3 Cheap (or Free!) Ideas for Date Night

Three Cheap Date Night Ideas

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Time to Make Some Time for Date Night!


Does this sound familiar?  You get married and you do everything together (or at least a lot of things). Then, you have kids and suddenly you do nothing together.  The kids are little, you don’t have family in the area, you’re tired, there’s too much to do at home, we don’t have time for date night, it’s so expensive, etc. I could go on forever here with excuses.  I know because after we had our biggest pumpkin it was over a year before we went on a date night.  She wouldn’t take a bottle, so I felt like I couldn’t be gone for long, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Then, one time when my mom was visiting and I was pregnant with our middle pumpkin, we WENT OUT!  Date night was amazing!

We just had dinner and saw a movie, but it was the first time in a long time where we could talk and not be interrupted.  There were no distractions.  It was soooo relaxing..and fun!  I didn’t realize until then just how important it was to make time for our relationship.  I know people whose kids don’t care if they go out or they’ll go to sleep for anyone.  That just isn’t us. We do still make sure we are home for bedtime because we co-sleep and the girls just want me to lay down with them.  I try to cherish that because I know it won’t last forever (but, that’s a whole other post, isn’t it!).

So, back to the point, today I want to share three cheap (or free) ideas for spending quality time with your spouse. If you haven’t been making time for your relationship, you might not realize how nice it will be when you do.  I know I didn’t.Board games are a super fun date night idea!

Operation: Date Night, here we go…

1)    Board Games 

How many of you have that space in your house where you keep all your games?  Games that you never play anymore!  I know we had that cupboard, then one day we took a few games with us on our date (we were house swapping with my mom for the afternoon!).  I think we took Othello and Battleship the first time, but we also like Bananagrams, Connect Four, Boggle, and Scrabble.  Ok, I really like those last two and my husband tolerates them because he loves me :).  But, seriously, board games are a great way to have fun with your spouse.  They require interaction, a little fun competition, and there’s always fun banter with a winner and a loser.  Dust those old games off or try a new one and have some fun!

2)   Tennis

This could really say “any two person sport you like”, but tennis is good because it’s easy to “play” even if you’ve never played before.  We don’t play with all the official rules.  It’s just fun to hit it back and forth and kind of keep score.  We are both very competitive people, so anything with a little competition where we can get playful digs in on each other is always fun!  Tennis is also good because rackets and balls are pretty cheap to pick up if you don’t have them and most areas have free public courts nearby.  Other sport ideas would be bike riding (although it is less interactive), racketball, frisbee golf , working out, or hiking.

3)   RedBox

Renting a movie is a much cheaper (and cozier) date night than going out.

This requires you to have access to another house or have your kiddos go elsewhere for the evening (or afternoon).  We were fortunate enough that my mother had a house that she stayed in part-time nearby, so we would often house swap for the evening.

 We could get a pizza and rent a movie and it was cheaper (and tasted better!) than going to the movies.  You may be able to find a babysitter that would watch the kids and his/her house, then you could have your own home to yourself, which is always nice.  Just remember, this is a date, so don’t start cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry!

These are some of our favorite things to do for date nights.  What are your favorite activities to do as a couple?  Share your suggestions in the comments below!


Have a great day!